Gaming For Kenya popularly known as G4K, is an entertainment company that provides video game and other related gaming events in Kenya and the East African region. It is the parent company of brands such as the Pan-African Gaming Union(PAGU), Kenya International Gaming Series(K.IN.G.S) eSports, Simba Ultimate Esports, LAN Bash and SourceMachine.

Our Mission is to be East Africa’s top provider of interactive, digital and extra-curricular entertainment, be the region’s top eSports organization, inspire the new generation of gaming enthusiasts and exclaim the gaming culture throughout the region.

One of the greatest projects that became a success is its Esports organization, Simba Ultimate Esports, that became its own fully-fledged organization. You can click the link that will take you to their site for more information on them.


Gaming For Kenya started in 2014 at Baraton University in Eldoret, where the gaming culture was visibly vibrant and has a strong community. We had a small team of dedicated individuals with a dream of making gaming a big spectacle in Kenya. We did some small events called LAN parties within the University with the support of companies such as Google.

In August 2015, Gaming For Kenya elevated its efforts to promote gaming when they moved their operations to Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. Our growing name made the team push efforts to give it a big name so that it gains recognition in the country. In 2016, We pushed the LAN parties initiative within the city by bringing gamers and gaming enthusiasts together to play with each other and connect socially on a more personal level.

We now have a very strong brand throughout the country with initiatives such as K.IN.G.S eSports to encourage the video gaming on a professional and athletic level, SourceMachine for the latest updates in the video game industry and the LAN parties for the casual type gaming events.





Michael Gathemia: Founder & Managing Director

Michael is the visionary of the team and technical hands-on expert with the last buck in hand.

When he is not playing games, he likes to lay around with Photoshop and make YouTube videos.

Favorite Game: Metal Gear Solid (1998)

Gamertag: Ro254



James Karanu: Marketing Director

James is the voice of the gaming audience and connects with them to find out their dispositions and give them the best they can.

When he is not playing games, he makes YouTube videos, researches on the latest internet trends and listens to music.

Favorite Game: Rainbow Six Siege (2015)

Gamertag: MojAY



Oliver Holding: Corporate Development Director

Oliver is the man behind the movement. He knows the underlying information behind the company’s plan for the future.

When he is not playing games, he likes to socialize with his friends and soak his feet behind the sandy beaches of the Kenyan coastline at his hometown in London.

Favorite Game: Civilization IV (2005)

Gamertag: icezard6